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Dramatic Dance

Welcome to the National Honor Society for Dance Arts

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts™ (NHSDA) is a program of the National Dance Education Organization, created to recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance. 


The NHSDA at Kyle Kahn Studios offers two levels of induction:

The Junior Program for grades 6-8 & The Secondary Program for grades 9-12.

Student Benefits
  1. Recognition of their artistic merit, academic achievement, and leadership throughout their educational experience (Junior High – High School).

  2. Certificates at each level of induction, opportunity to wear the Gold Honor Pin and blue & white Honor Cord.

  3. Leadership and development opportunities.

Receive Highschool Physical Education Credits for

Landmark Christain School & Trinity Christain School


The Junior Program Grades 6-8

NHSDA Junior Program Goals

  • To promote a desire for life-long learning in the field of dance.

  • To encourage an understanding of, and an appreciation for, dance as an art form and develop knowledgeable audiences for tomorrow.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Induction

Induction into the NHSDA Junior Program is earned through the accumulation of at least 15 points awarded for dance activities such as rehearsals, performances, research, workshops, or community service activities. 

Required Accumulative Points: 15 points

Time Period to Earn Points: The KKS Dance Session August - May.

Point Tracking Worksheet DUE: May 1st 

NOTE: If you decide to participate in the middle of the dance session, all point opportunities from the beginning of the session to current date can still apply.

GPA Requirement

Students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for NHSDA Induction.

Schooled Students - Turn in a copy of your report card to the KKS Front Desk showing your cumulative GPA by May 1st. 

Homeschooled and bases their grades on a 100 point system - each "point" of their 100 count for .04 of the 4.0 GPA. (for example, if the student's grade is 80 out of 100, their GPA entered on the NHSDA site would be 3.2).

Homeschooled and does not participate in point system -  a GPA can be established by the parent writing an official letter and turning it in to the KKS Front Desk stating that their student has achieved academic excellence.


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